How to earn your first bitcoins

There are many ways to make money on the internet, and on the dark web. On the dark web, money is earned in different crypto currencies. The most popular is of course bitcoin, but nowadays there are many other digital coins that compete with bitcoin. Ethereum has also become a very popular and rising currency. I’m going to show you how to start yourself by earning these coins!


To begin with, you need a wallet to safely store your digital currency. This is very simple often, just enter your email address and your wallet has been created. A few wallets that are well known are for example:

To switch your coins to another currency, or purchase digital coins, visit the following site:


Now that you have a wallet you can start earning online!
An easy way to start earning is the click on advertisements where a small fee is opposite. You can register at one of the many faucets. Some faucets that I use satisfactorily:



What is the dark web?


The dark web is part of the web that can not be found with the search engines like google. The part of the web that you can find with the search engines is only a very small part of all the sites that are on the web. In addition to these indexed websites, there are many sites that are not indexed, but directly accessible as long as one knows the url. This often involves sensitive information that one does not want anyone to attend. These unindexed sites are located on the deep web. The dark web is also a part, but this is not directly accessible. Special software is required that gives the user anonymity, such as Tor or Freenet.


How to start on the dark web

You are now just steps away from the dark web. Note that the dangers of the dark web are warned a lot, and this is not without reason. It is therefore extremely important that you make yourself untraceable. The TOR network ensures that you do not connect directly but through multiple interfaces. This ensures your anonymity is guaranteed. The use of the TOR browser alone is not enough to safely visit the dark web. In addition, you need to download a VPN, and always turn on before you visit the dark web. This program encrypted the information that sends your computer and hides your IP address, making you basically unavailable.

Step 1 Choose a trusted virtual private network (VPN)


There are very many VPN providers, making a well-considered choice. There are several pros and cons of each individual provider. A good and reliable provider is, for example, PureVPN.

Download PureVPN

Step 2 Download the TOR browser


Download TOR

Stap 3         Open the TOR browser!


Congratulations, you arrived on the dark web!

The sites of the dark web always end with .onion and can only be accessed through the TOR network. You will see that they are not working in your normal browser. The sites are constantly changing url and are often hard to find. There are several sites on the regular internet where you can find reviews of .onion sites.

To help you here is a site with the top 50 most popular dark web sites.

Links 2017

Also, the dark web has some own search engines like Duck Duck Go.

Copy the url below and paste it into the TOR browser to open duck gock go.


Good luck!